Rewards Program



We have a rewards program that allows members of our referral and rewards program to get giant store discounts by shopping on or referring shoppers to our store.

The program is done via an in-store currency called Happy Happy Coins*.


How To Earn Happy Happy Coins

There are two main ways to earn Happy Happy Coins.


1. Referral

To sign-up to our referral program, you must first sign-up on our website. If you are already signed-up, you have to sign-in.

Once signed-in, click on the Rewards button at the bottom right. 

When the card appears, scroll down. You will see your referral link.

Grab your referral link.

Use this referral link to promote our store. You can share it on your social media profile, blog, website, forum, etc.

Everytime someone makes a purchase using your referral link, they will get a 20% discount on their entire order and you will get 200 Happy Happy Coins.

This means the more people use your link to shop, the more Happy Happy Coins you get. Ka-ching $$$.

2. Automatic Rewards

We love you, that's why you get rewards just because. :)

When you sign-up, you get 200 Happy Happy Coins.

On your birthday, you get 200 Happy Happy Coins.

Everytime you make a purchase, you get 10 Happy Happy Coins for every dollar spent.

How cool is that?


Spending Your Earned Happy Happy Coins


Store Discount

You can spend your earned Happy Happy Coins towards a purchase on our store:

500 Happy Happy Coins = $5 discount (minimum order of $20, over 25% discount!)

1,000 Happy Happy Coins = $11 discount (minimum order of $30, over 36% discount!)

2,500 Happy Happy Coins = $27 discount (minimum order of $50, over 53% discount!)

You can redeem your Happy Happy Coins by logging-in and clicking the rewards button on the bottom right corner of the screen. When you redeem your Happy Happy Coins, you will be given a discount code that you can use on your purchase.


*DISCLAIMER: Happy Happy Coins has nothing to do with blockchain or cryptocurrency.


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